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White Supremacists Warn Idealistic Trump Some Compromise Will Be Necessary To Achieve Their Goals

WASHINGTON—Expressing concerns that the President’s constant attacks on racial minorities could end up hampering the progress that has been made, white supremacist leaders warned Donald Trump Friday that some compromise will be necessary to achieve their goals. “We appreciate that President Trump is an idealist who wants real change in this country, but if he wants to see a white ethno-state he needs to stop taking such extreme positions and build a coalition,” said Stormfront spokesperson Marshall Riley, who claimed Trump’s fiery rhetoric and refusal to find common ground threatens to alienate the moderates who white supremacists rely on to advance their agenda. “We appreciate the President’s passion and what he has done to enliven our supporters, but this just isn’t how things are done in this country. Sometimes you need incremental racist changes, things like dismantling the Voting Rights Act didn’t happen overnight. He means well, but Trump just hasn’t been in Washington long enough to understand its inner workings the way we do. When it comes to advancing white power, you can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” Riley added that if Trump truly wants to see the purity of the white race protected, he should step back and listen to his Republican colleagues who have been working towards that goal for decades.

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